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From: Craig Story
Subject: Group Home Encounters Chapter 1 (Lisa)The following is a fictional account of events that occurred during my
watch as Night supervisor in different group homes for the developmentally
disabled. Most of the residents involved in these stories would be
considered "high functioning" with some form of mental retardation/autism
or emotional problems. This is my first attempt at writing. Contains Sex
activity between nude professional russian gymnast developmentally disabled adults MF,MM, Mbg. If this
offends you please move on to another story.
When nudist inocent russian I took on my new assignment working night sexy russian women dating shift russians naturism
at a group
home for 6 developmentally disable adults, I had no idea that this was a
home of untapped sexual desire. A place that would test my inner strength
of resistance to the max. A little about me, I'm a 30 year old male, 6'3,
avg. weight and free russian video
sporting a nice 8inch cut cock. russian petite hardcore Little did I know that
this place would take me to the verge of corrupting my marriage vows that I
took just 3 years ago. I am Bisexual, in the closet, mostly a fantasy type
of guy.
I knew I was in trouble the first time I met her in the kitchen of
the group home. The residents name was Lisa, She had long beautiful blonde
hair draping half way down her back. Sweet blue eyes, 5ft tall, 85 pounds
soaking wet, Cute as a button, looked to be about 12 years old, and she was
deaf. I had to learn some basic sign language to communicate with her. My
jaw dropped as I shook you hand and stared into her beautiful face. My dick
began to stir as I dropped russian gays my gazed to her small perky tits russian petite hardcore
that stuck
through her t-shirt. Her russian vergins tits were no bigger then plums. Being russian pic galleries a Boy/Girl
Pre-Teen lover this was my dream girl. Lisa held on to my hand longer the
normal and gave a flirtatious grim as she rubbed the side of my hand with
her thumb. A staff member signed to her to go get ready for bed. Lisa gave
some kind of laughing/grunt and left the room, which gave me a perfect
chance to check out her sweet bubble butt. Damn this kid was hot. But then
something dawned on me, I turned to one of the afternoon staff members, "I
thought this was a home for a adults?", I said, trying not to sound to
excited. The staff person laughed and said, "yeah we get that all the
time, don't let her looks fool you, she just turned 28". My jaw dropped
for the second time since I arrived. How could this hot little girl be 28
I thought to myself, she could only pass for 12yrs old at best. My heart
was still pounding threw my chest as I counted medications and walked the
afternoon staff out the door. On afternoons they normally ran 3-4 staff on
shift for outings and daily activities. But at night, since they mostly
slept, only one person was required. I russian sex blog locked the door and watched as
there headlights faded into the night. So here I am, alone with 6
developmentally disabled adults. Three girls and 3 guys, each with their
own room. I had my list of duties which consisted of some light housework
and basically checking the residents through out the night till morning
shift got in.
I figured now would be a good time to do my first round of the
residents. As I walked back into the kitchen heading towards the bedrooms I
stopped dead in my tracts. There before me stood Lisa, leaning against the
wall just smiling at me. She was wearing a pink night gown, with a cartoon
character on it, that went down just above her knees. It was obvious from
the thin material that she wore nothing else underneath. I could make out
her perky plum size tits, with her nipples poking out the material. She
walked to meet me in the center of the kitchen. Light cast threw her night
gown showing off her child like body to me. My dick began to grow hard
again as I couldn't take my eyes off her. I began to panic, motioning to
her as if to say, "what do you want?". She grunted and motioned back at me
that she wanted a drink of water. I waved her in the direction of the sink,
as she was walking past me she bumped into me laughing. I couldn't help but
get turned on by this hot 12yr old looking girl in a kids nightgown, even
if she was 28, my fantasy mind was working overtime. As she was drinking
her water she dribbled water down the front of her night gown giving me a
transparent look at her young looking breast. She laughed and giggled at
what had happened. The bulge in my pants was straining for release at the
site of her. I knew I had to get her back to bed before I lost control and
jumped this fantasy 12yr old girl. I motioned for her to follow me, as I
took her by the hand and led her to her bedroom. When we reached her door
Lisa turned around, gave a big smile and opened her arms out for a hug. I
froze for a angels sex free russian second, then thought --what the hell, it's only a hug. I
leaned down into her body wrapping my arms around her, she buried her head
into my shoulder. Her hot breath warming my neck, her tiny breast rubbing
against my chest. My breath grew rapid as I rubbed her back gently. In my
mind this was a 12yr old girl and I wanted her more then anyone before. We
stood in the hallway for what seemed like forever, but actually was about
5mins. Lisa was caressing my back as I held her tight to my body. My cock
straining in my pants, I'm sure she could feel it bulging-- (but would she
know what to do with it? I thought to my self, or even know what sex is?).
I let my hands feel there way up and down the sides of her body. I was so
hot and horny my body shook with excitement.--(is this really happening, russian sex schoolgirls
12yrold girl in my arms)--then it stopped, Lisa pulled away, looked up at
me and russian hand painted jewerly
kissed me on the cheek, and walked into her room. I followed her to
her bed, she climbed russian vergins
in and I covered her with blankets tucking her in like
the child she appeared to be. I russian girls sucking cock
signed "good-night" to her, walked out the
room and shut the door.
I leaned up against the wall, my breathing still rapid, I knew
before I could do any work I needed some major release. I ran to the
bathroom, whipped out russian girls sucking cock my 8inch cock, closed my eyes, pictures Lisa's sweet
young body and feverishly stroked my cock, within 5 mins. I shot a huge hot
load of cum in my hand, so much it was dripping over the sides of my hand.
I was so hot I just raised my hand to my mouth and sucked down my own hot
cum, licking my fingers and fingering my ass with my other hand, basking in
all that adult dating russian women had just happened. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow
This was my first attempt at writing, if you enjoyed the story and want
more let me know at
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